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Spa Services

Both The Inn and The Lodge offer the option to add amazing spa treatments to your weekend. You might become so pampered that you will never want to leave! Add any of these amazing spa treatments to your weekend for an ultra-indulgent stay.  Sign ups for spa services are located at the Inn.  When you arrive for the weekend, please sign up for your requested services as we do not do advanced sign-ups.  If you added a service online with your booking, please sign up on the sheet when you arrive.  All services must be requested by Friday at 6 PM.  Any cancellation of a service after that will incur a $25 cancellation fee.  If you are staying at The Lodge, be sure to leave your phone number for nail and facial services so the provider can call you with a time to arrive at the Inn.   Massages will be offered at both the Inn and Lodge.  


Facial & Esthetic Treatments

The Dermalogica Skin Facial Treatment   |  45 minutes  |  $75

Say goodbye to outdated cookie-cutter treatments! The Dermalogica Skin Treatment is designed to address your specific concerns and meet your exact needs as a result of a personalized Face Mapping skin analysis. From double cleansing, exfoliation, Pressure point massage, personalized masque and sun protection, this treatment takes your skin to its optimal best. Dermalogica’s extensive professional strength products allow for customization unique only to you, including exclusive touch techniques and advanced technology. You will experience a thorough and expertly given skin treatment like no other!


Hydrodermabrasion   |  45 minutes  |  $99                          
A microdermabrasion service includes facial cleanse, microdermabrasion treatment and a hand, arm and shoulder massage. You will enjoy this 45 minute- 1 hour treatment leaving your skin soft, smooth and more vibrant. Continuing Microderm treatments help with exfoliating dead skin cells, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing appearance of age spots, along with firming and tightening the skin. The microdermabrasion machine has many levels. The first level feels like a light vacuum on the skin and does not cause pain in any way. Continuing treatments get stronger each time to your liking. This can become a little more intense and feel a bit "prickly." Most clients fall asleep during the treatment which is two times around the surface of the face which takes a matter of minutes with the rest of the service being relaxing.  

Chemical Peel   |  30 minutes  |  $85                           
If you are concerned about dullness, aging or acne and want brighter, smoother skin, a chemical peel may be for you! 
Peels remove dry, dull skin cells and reveal smoother, more radiant skin underneath. Professional peels are more concentrated than at-home peels, which are convenient for daily or weekly skin health maintenance. But what about the downtime? With today’s innovative technology, we’re happy to report that the latest peels result in little to no downtime at all! They’re also far more powerful. Professional peels use exfoliants like Alpha Hydroxy Acids (e.g., Lactic Acid), Beta Hydroxy Acids (e.g., Salicylic Acid) and enzymes from natural ingredients like Rice, Papaya, Pineapple and Pumpkin, to reduce the appearance of premature aging such as age spots, as well as rough skin texture and acne. Hydroxy acids work by dissolving the intercellular “glue” that holds skin cells together, allowing them to shed more easily, while enzymes unlink skin cells and digest proteins that help connect them. Choose 2 from the following: Ultrabright, Advanced Renewal, Age Reversal and Power Clear. Service includes post recovery kit. 

Dermalogica products are available for purchase with a 20% product discount. Your esthetician will recommend products appropriate for your skin needs.


Massage Services

Take a break to revitalize your body, relieve your stress, get rid of muscle tension and ease your mind and body with a 30- or 60-minute massage session, which may combine elements of Swedish massage techniques, hot stone, acupressure and reflexology. Be sure to tell your Licensed Massage Therapist what your specific needs are prior to starting your service in order to obtain the most beneficial results.

60 Minute Relaxing Massage   |  $60


Nail Services

Luxury Spa Pedicure   |  $45                           

Come relax in our state-of-the-art massage pedicure chair and soak your cares away. Our licensed nail technician will slough away dry skin, replenish and seal in moisture to restore hydration to make your feet soft and perfectly smooth. Enjoy a foot rescue service that brings your feet to their optimum condition by offering meticulous cuticle & nails treatment, removing dead skin cells and increasing circulation with foot & leg massage and warm towel wraps along with your choice of polish.

Manicure   |  $25
A pampering treat, offering meticulous cuticle and nail treatment & your choice of polish.

Gel Polish Manicure   |  $32                           
A standard manicure with a newest form of nail polish, which does not chip for up to 14 days. It gives a resilient mirror finish, no drying time and strong protected nails.

Gel Polish Removal   |  $8                        

Payment for spa services is due to the provider at the time of service with cash or check. Taxes are included in the prices; however, gratuity is not included in the price of your service. Please show appreciation for a good service by leaving gratuity for your providers.